Flight Plan request throught Internet


Enaire, the manager of Air Navigation in Spain, facilitates the application for the flight plan request throught Internet. Since this time, airlines and individuals can submit their requests through the web site of Enaire without having to go in person to airports.

Through the ICARUS application users can create applications for flight plan and associated messages, consult at any time the status of their requests and access the appropriate notifications and aeronautical information: meteorology, important notices, pre-flight information bulletins , etc. This system integrates all the operational information necessary for aeronautical user who will start a flight from the Spanish airspace.


Meeting of the Board Directors of AOPA-SPAIN


Last November 12th there took place the meeting of the Board of directors of AOPA-Spain. One of the points treated in the meeting and the most important were the regulations problems:

1. With AENA:

  • Passengers’ fee: suppressed
  • Fees: improvement of amounts and reduction of minimums. Now-1,9 % in 2016 (but thanks to CNMC).
  • Parking fee: extension at 3 hours Incentives to the GA (General Aviation) equivalents to those of CAT for increase of activity (ej.:-75 % you appraise in the first year). To take as reference year 2014. Earring of obtaining.
  • Airports Operations Hours: Burgos, Vitoria, Logroño, Cordoba, Son Bonet.
  • Problem of dragging placard (and other air works-ej. Fishing vigilance-) in Valencia.
  • Handling: One battles it to border to 9 € in the next guide

2. With AESA:

  • RD Publication commercial airports opened in limited periods. Obtained.
  • RD Publication of restricted airports. It seems to be imminent. There has got lost the opportunity to apply European regulation for airports with a minimal traffic that they can avoid be certificates.
  • It is necessary to manage to re-introduce in the restricted airports of general use the tourist flights, air works and maintenance of planes (disp. Trans.). Not even passengers transport or airtaxi will be able.
  • To correct restricted airports like operationalsite for punctual landings of tourist flights.
  • To obtain FastTrack of conversion of private airports to general use.
  •  Decentralization of examinations.
  • Bank of questions of the PPL.
  • SPOs of cías of Air Works. Seminars in Madrid, Sabadell and Seville. To spread it. A FAQ will be done in AESA’s web site
  • Repeat Model with NCC.

3. With ENAIRE:

  • Night VFR. Problems of application
  • Plan of flight for Internet. Keys of application are absent.
  • Plan of flight abridged in flight. It is possible with exception authorized by DGAC’s Dir Gral. The same for local flights.
  • TMA of Madrid: to open VFR corridors. It would not solve the ULMs flights because they are E spaces (and they only can flight in F and G).

JET A-1 Refuelling


The Aerodrome of Mutxamel performs first JET A-1 refuelling  to an airplane, model Cessna Citation. The second refuelling in the aerodrome facilities, the first was performed to a Bell 206 Jet Ranger helicopter.

Rally “Saint Louis du Senegal” 2015


One year more, the Rally Touluse-Saint Louis du Senegal visit us again.

To remember every year the flights done by the airline Aeropostale; also to recall the flights carried out by the great pilot and adventurer Antoine de Saint-Exupéry. The rally this year was formed by 19 aircraft, which began from Toulouse (France) on 26 September, they made a scale that day at our aerodrome. The next day they flew heading to the African Mainland (Tangier, GMTT) and with final destination in Saint Louis (Senegal).

JET A-1 available!!


The JET A-1 fuel service of the Aerodrome of Mutxamel is already available!!


European Flyers lands in our aerodrome


The first European Flyers plane lands in our airfield.Soon the facility will be ready for the full development of their activity . European Flyers has a fleet composed of 12 airplanes, 8 helicopters and 7 simulator training devices . Creating the largest training center of plane and helicopter pilots in Southern Europe,based in Madrid and Alicante.

The Air University


Aerodrome of Mutxamel together with both most important companies in the pilots’ formation of plane and helicopters, INTERCOPTERS and AMERICAN FLYERS, will offer pilot’s courses of maximum degree from private pilot up to pilot transport of air line. It is the first school of these characteristics in the Valencian Community, with vocation to turn into a center of reference to the international aeronautical formation.

The program of pilot’s formation of plane and helicopter that is offered can be realized of modular form or by integrated courses, has an approximate duration of 24 months and allows to the student to be perfectly prepared to join to a labor market in summit.

Directed to young people and professionals who want to reach the most complete formation to accede to the working places of a sector in full development and expansion that in the next years will see the pilots’ demand grows, owed so much to a normative change that for safety forces to flying with two pilots in certain helicopters, as the economic recovery that will do the pilots’ contracting necessary in many airlines, type Iberia and Vueling.

Facilities and equipment
Aerodrme of Mutxamel has the best facilities, the latest in training equipment and flight instructors with thousands of hours of flight experience.

Recently suitable and equipped, the center has more than 2.000 square meters destined to provide the best services to the students, having a new runway of 1.000 x 23 meters, perfectly adapted to realize these training activities.

It has more than 350 m2 totally equipped destined to classrooms, as well as other 1.000 m2 for hangar and simulation.
Another determining factor is the exceptional geographic location that is, since the good climate allows training flights throughout the whole year.

In terms of aircraft for training flights they have a fleet of 10 planes and 10 helicopters. As well as a full group of synthetic trainers. Among them, a simulator of the Airbus A320 full motion, a Cessna 172 Garmin 1000 simulator, a FNPT II Simulator and cabin crew simulator for emergencies.
In The Aerodrome of Mutxamel is located INAER, operator number one in Spain in the use of helicopters and aircraft for maritime surveillance and rescue, firefighting and medicalized services.

Full training program
In addition to the required hours of flight, the training program is completed with subjects such as meteorology, air law, navigation and telephony, both in Spanish and English.

Training with the highest international safety standards demanded by EASA (European Aviation Safety Agency), European organism which regulates and controls compliance.


The Air University


Aerodrome of Mutxamel and the renowned company Intercopters joined to develop the first helicopter school that exists in the Valencian Community.

Experts indicate that it is a profession on the rise with indices of full employment.

Advantages of the aerodrome of Mutxamel: The location, climate, and excellent facilities. Recently expanded, with excellent facilities and a location and climate that allows you to fly almost throughout the year, the aerodrome of Mutxamel is a perfect setting to develop the new headquarters of Intercopters.

The company Intercopters, leader in aeronautical training, achieves a total of 25,000 hours of flight instruction in his 19 years of life. In this period he has trained 100 new pilots and 650 possessing previous studies.

Intercopters in the aerodrome of Mutxamel offers different courses ranging from the private pilot, the most basic, to (ATPLH) airline transport pilot and commercial pilot.

Student profile: traditionally, it was noted that the age of the students was between 25 and 35 years, and they wanted to fulfill the dream of his life. Now note that students are young people with completed secondary education and choose this training such as higher education, hence the aerodrome of Mutxamel and Intercopters are working closely with universities in the province.