We inform our distinguished users that during the month of May the Mutxamel Aerodrome will host a series of sporting air events at its facilities.

These operations will entail a significant increase in the volume of air traffic, platform movements and delays for the refueling service.

Please take these events into account when planning your operations and avoid, as far as possible, overlapping with these events.


May events:


05/08 arrival RAID MERMOZ (first stage), 29 ULM. (plus 8 local ULMs)

05/09 RAID departure MERMOZ (first stage), 29 ULM. Departure from 9:00 LT


13 to 15/05 ANR championship 10-12 ULM


05/17 arrival RAID MERMOZ, last stage 29 ULM

05/18 Departure RAID MERMOZ, last stage 29 ULM


05/26 Arrival of RALLY TOULOUSE, 18 planes

05/27 departure RALLY TOULOUSE, 18 planes

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