His privileged emplacement, between the mountain and the sea, gives a special beauty to Alicante. The city smells like sea. As Juan Gil-Albert said, “Alicante continuously looks to the Mediterranean”.

  • Gastronomy 

The local gastronomy is, without a doubt, one of the best attractions for tourists. 

The Alicante cuisine is typically Mediterranean. The history of Alicante, its geographical situation, its climate and the fertility of its lands provides an enormous wealth and variety. 

  •  Beaches 

Alicante can presume to have the majority of beaches are qualified like “excellent” according to the control carried out by the Environment Government which takes into account the quality of the waters, the maintenance and services of the beaches. 

  • Leisure 

Due to its good year-round climate, with an average annual temperature of 18 °, Alicante is the ideal destination for the practice of outdoor activities such as golf, boating, fishing, hiking, etc.