Meeting of the Board Directors of AOPA-SPAIN


Last November 12th there took place the meeting of the Board of directors of AOPA-Spain. One of the points treated in the meeting and the most important were the regulations problems:

1. With AENA:

  • Passengers’ fee: suppressed
  • Fees: improvement of amounts and reduction of minimums. Now-1,9 % in 2016 (but thanks to CNMC).
  • Parking fee: extension at 3 hours Incentives to the GA (General Aviation) equivalents to those of CAT for increase of activity (ej.:-75 % you appraise in the first year). To take as reference year 2014. Earring of obtaining.
  • Airports Operations Hours: Burgos, Vitoria, Logroño, Cordoba, Son Bonet.
  • Problem of dragging placard (and other air works-ej. Fishing vigilance-) in Valencia.
  • Handling: One battles it to border to 9 € in the next guide

2. With AESA:

  • RD Publication commercial airports opened in limited periods. Obtained.
  • RD Publication of restricted airports. It seems to be imminent. There has got lost the opportunity to apply European regulation for airports with a minimal traffic that they can avoid be certificates.
  • It is necessary to manage to re-introduce in the restricted airports of general use the tourist flights, air works and maintenance of planes (disp. Trans.). Not even passengers transport or airtaxi will be able.
  • To correct restricted airports like operationalsite for punctual landings of tourist flights.
  • To obtain FastTrack of conversion of private airports to general use.
  •  Decentralization of examinations.
  • Bank of questions of the PPL.
  • SPOs of cías of Air Works. Seminars in Madrid, Sabadell and Seville. To spread it. A FAQ will be done in AESA’s web site
  • Repeat Model with NCC.

3. With ENAIRE:

  • Night VFR. Problems of application
  • Plan of flight for Internet. Keys of application are absent.
  • Plan of flight abridged in flight. It is possible with exception authorized by DGAC’s Dir Gral. The same for local flights.
  • TMA of Madrid: to open VFR corridors. It would not solve the ULMs flights because they are E spaces (and they only can flight in F and G).

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