The National Technical Commission for Motorized Flight of the Royal Spanish Aeronautical Federation (RFAE), with the collaboration of the Real Aeroclub de Alicante, the ANR Sports Club and the Mutxamel Aerodrome, held the Spanish Rally Championship at the Mutxamel Aerodrome (LEMU ) from October 15 to 17, 2021. The event is included in the 2021 Motorized Flight sports calendar and approved by the RFAE Assembly.
The competition was under the Competition Regulations of the RFAE 2018, the International Aeronautical Federation (FAI) and other local rules, where 14 participating teams developed three stages of radial circuits in the flight area of the Aerodrome, with a minimum of two landings. precision at the end of each stage. The final results are published on the Facebook page of the ANR sports club.

For more information and details of the competition, you can visit the following web pages:

• Official page of the ANR Sports Club ( and select the streaming TV CTO España Rally (

• Facebook sports club ANR, (

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